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The current market situation

by Kelly Hemmett


How HA&A is working to protect your investments. You may already be aware that the past few weeks have been a trying time in markets around the world. Markets have… Read more »

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Get the most out of your retirement savings

by Marc Sabourin


Sometimes withdrawing more is the best strategy. Introducing Daniel Daniel worked hard all his life, so by the time he retired he had accumulated a healthy amount of savings in… Read more »

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Generating retirement income from your farmland

by Colin Sabourin


Entering retirement with farmland that you can use to generate rental income is a great way to create a steady income. However, there are a few points to consider to… Read more »

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Save Taxes by Timing Your Retirement

by Marc Sabourin


You’ve been targeting the unreduced pension date that you’ve seen on your yearly pension statement for the last twenty years. It’s finally within arm’s reach and you are set on… Read more »

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Make your vehicle loan tax-deductible

by Marc Sabourin


I’ve previously written about my hatred for buying depreciating assets, so I don’t get overly excited when it comes time to buy a new car. I can appreciate all the… Read more »

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The Joys of Purchasing a Vehicle

by Marc Sabourin


It seems like everyone has a story about a memorable car purchase. Lucky for me, I got my story when I was purchasing my last vehicle five years ago. Let’s… Read more »

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