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Should I Help Pay for my Child’s Education? (Part 1)

by Marc Sabourin


The cost of education is continually rising with an average tuition increase of 3.1% across Canadian universities for the 2017-2018 academic year. So should you be helping your child pay… Read more »

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Small Biz Tax Changes – Now What?

by Colin Sabourin


As you know, our government has been hard at work these past few years trying to extract additional tax revenue from our small Canadian businesses. These changes will have a… Read more »

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Passing Down the Family Cottage

by Kevin Anseeuw


  Cottages often hold a lot of sentimental value to families and are home to a lot of great memories.  Many cottage owners would like to see their children and… Read more »

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How I Became Passionate About Money Management

by Marc Sabourin


Growing up, the local credit union in my town set up a program where kids could bring money to school with them and have it deposited into their bank accounts. Every month, I would try to fill up my deposit envelope as much as I could. I’d save my birthday money, my allowance,… Read more »

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The Issue with Waiting to Save

by Marc Sabourin


I wasn’t a big fan of chores growing up and as a result I would leave my weekly responsibilities to the last minute. Every Sunday night was a mad dash… Read more »

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Paying Down my Mortgage

by Marc Sabourin


Debt has a way of playing psychological games with people, and I can attest to this myself. My mother always made sure to let my siblings and I know that… Read more »

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